What it's like getting a Spruce NZ Style

What it’s like getting a Spruce NZ Style

Our customers aren’t always sure what our process entails or the value of it, so we asked one of our recent clients to answer a few questions for us!


1. Would you have used a home stylist when you were thinking of listing, if your agent hadn’t suggested it?


I would have but not known where to start. Having the home stylist session as part of our listing with our agent made it so easy. The stylist got in touch to organise a time to meet the day after us signing with the agent. She worked into my schedule to meet up and was very professional & prompt.


2. Would you recommend using us now?
I would highly recommend Spruce NZ. They were so efficient, friendly and their follow up and support was amazing! They provided a room by room report that simplified the process.


3. Which room did you enjoy sprucing the most?
Definitely the lounge. We were finally selling our house after 12 years so we were very set in our ways on what furniture we had and where it was situated in the house. The stylist came in and made small but very impactful suggestions, such as moving our TV to a different position, and it made a huge difference.
Lounge before and after:


4. Did you enjoy your consultation? Was the process easy and was the report easy to follow?
Everything was easy! I only had an hour with Heather due to my short availability and in that hour she whipped through my house room to room going through things with me, making suggestions, moving small things to show me the vision she had. She helped me understand what my style is and how to tell a story with my home which will help it be more attractive.
Before and After in the bedrooms:


5. What was your budget for styling?
We wanted to spend as little as possible and the stylist appreciated that. She looked at the whole house and what we had in it and moved things around to help make spaces seem bigger and to help tell the stories she was going for in each room. If we were needing to buy something she encouraged me to look on buy/swap/sell pages and also very affordable shops so that we didn’t break the bank account. A suggestion in the report was to paint a wall which we hadn’t thought of, however, it didn’t cost much but made a huge impact!

6. Do you think getting your house “spruced” added value to your sale price?
Yes! I think that people got to see our house at its absolute best and could walk in and not have to look past the clutter and mismatched style we had going on before the stylist showed up and saved us! She showed me how easy it was to find my style, the colours that worked for me and how to tell a story with my home and make people want to come in and see more of our house.


7. What was the reaction from friends, your agent, family and buyers.
Everyone loved it including the buyers. Our friends and family couldn’t believe it was our house and how it was transformed so dramatically with simple, cost effective changes all in one week!


Some more styled rooms:
8. Was it easy to maintain the “spruced” look for open homes?
Absolutely! With advice from the home stylist we de-cluttered even more than what we already had, which was good as it gave us a chance to throw things away we hadn’t yet but needed to. I also think my husband was so accepting of it because it was someone removed from us making suggestions on what would be good for us to do to help sell our house.
Since we had de-cluttered so much it made it so easy to get the house “open home” ready (sometimes with very short notice) because everything had its place. 


9. Any last comments?
Even though I know so much more now I will definitely be getting a Spruce NZ home stylist in so we can start out our new adventure in our new home as we mean to continue with style and functionality.