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Getting top dollar for your home

The property market post Covid-19 is a very unpredictable place in New Zealand.  However, buyer interest is still strong and there are house sales happening throughout the country.
Now more than ever it is important to ensure your home stands out among the competition while keeping your costs low to ensure maximum profit in uncertain times.

A member of our team recently sold their home (privately) and it has given some great insights into how people react to a home and what they are looking for.
With this recent experience and the advice of our expert consultants we have come up with five top tips to help you achieve top dollar for your home.

1. De-clutter, de-clutter and de-clutter.
It is amazing how clutter and “knick knacks” impact what your eye notices when viewing an online image.  The overall effect can make the room look busy and distract from the key features that will attract potential buyers. If you have finished preparing a space, take a photo of it and see what the overall effect is. Here is a great example of this:


2. Define your space – confused spaces lose you money.
Even if you think a space is ‘multi-functional’ choose one function and ensure it lines up with what is being advertised. For example, if you advertise as having 4 bedrooms, but your fourth bedroom is set up as an office, people will walk in with confusion asking ‘Where is the fourth bedroom?’ You can mention various uses in the description on your listing, but don’t try and show all those uses in one go! Remember, less is more!

3. The well made bed – impresses everyone.
Bedrooms should feel cosy, luxurious and inviting and an impressively made bed does all that! Full fluffy pillows and throws are a cheap but worthwhile investment. Just look at this great example:


4. Welcoming Entrance areas.
It is well known that first impressions are formed within seconds.  If a potential buyer enters a home and finds it warm and inviting from the outset they are more likely to view the rest of the house with a positive mind set. To this end, ensure the entrance looks smart and is clear of unnecessary items. Fresh flowers on a hall table always look great!

5. Street Appeal – well maintained gardens say ‘buy me’.
Buyers will come for a drive past your home once it is on the market. They will drive by for a peak to see how the place ‘feels’ and to form early impressions before open homes. So good street appeal is crucial to forming good first impressions. Ensure any garden beds are clear of weeds, and a fresh layer of mulch helps it to look well cared for.  If you have no garden beds, invest in some potted plants or outdoor art or sculptures.  They will be a worthwhile investment.

Presenting a home for sale can be overwhelming, and home staging can be costly and annoying.  That is why Spruce NZ exists.  We aim to make the process affordable and easy by using your own furniture and accessories combined with our expertise.  A small amount of time and money invested in presenting your house to go to market will reap the benefits of increased buyer interest and property value.


If you would like help preparing your home for sale check out our ‘Style to Sell’ service.