Green bedroom

Design trends that just make sense in 2021

After the year that was 2020, people more than ever wanted to feel comfortable within their own home. Being trapped at home made many of us realise just how important our own space really was.



Biophilic design is the concept that designers and architects use to focus a design around our innate human connection and attraction to nature. Harvesting a need to be outdoors and bringing that indoors. This design concept may seem simple but it is even more significant when we crave the outdoors and freedom during a pandemic.    


Biophilic design is gaining traction in the design world as more people are living in cities than ever before, and science has proven what country folk have known all along, that nature makes us feel good and benefits our health.


Outdoor areas are a vital space where we are constantly spending more time at home. Our gardens, balconies or deck areas now need to be designed to function all year round, so creating sheltered/heated areas is a must. An extended living area that enables us to relax surrounded by the outdoors with soft seating and even an outdoor kitchen creating a relaxing and stress free environment. 



Being in a pandemic helps us to re-evaluate how we view the world around us. It reminds us how important it is to care for the planet we call home. So it comes as no surprise that people are becoming a lot more eco conscious when it comes to design. Incorporating plastic-free solutions and displaying them in a decorative way, enhances the style of any kitchen. 







The idea of upcycling isn’t a new concept either but it is one that is on the rise as people have a better understanding and are more conscious about their discarded items ending up in landfill. 


There is now a growing online market for upcyclers who create content based on giving old and tatty things a new life with fresh fabric or simply a lick of paint. Making use of things you already own or have bought second-hand and revitalising it into something beautiful is not only a great trend but an important one for caring for our planet. 



Recently, the paint colour that seems to be lining walls is green. The colour green evokes a feeling of calm, peace, rest and security. No wonder people call it ‘the green room’ before going out on stage. 


The increased popularity of green is directly linked to the natural feeling of calm that people want when they come home after a long day. Isn’t that the very definition of a home, somewhere you live that makes you feel happy, secure and rested? 


Director of Benjamin Moore Paint, agrees stating …”Green is a colour created organically within nature, it’s a colour that connects us to the environment, which many find soothing. This is a shade that works especially well in an urban, technology-heavy home to create an earthiness and counteract the feeling of the ‘artificial’.”(Homes and Gardens, 2021) 





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