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Backyard design ideas just in time for summer

During this year our backyards have become that of a safe haven. A place to escape when things got too hard under the restrictions. As our homes turned into our office, gyms and a place to relax. As summer is fast approaching and the restrictions begin to ease, it’s finally time to ‘give back to the backyard’ and give it a much needed re-fresh. 


Our backyards can finally return to being a place to entertain, to invite friends and family and enjoy picnics, BBQ and parties. So here are some helpful design ideas whether you want to make big changes or small to ensure you are prepared to have a great summer backyard. 



  1. Link the Indoor and the Outdoor to create an extension of your living area

Allowing a natural flow can help make the overall look and feel of a backyard more seamless. An easy and simple way to do this is by carrying on with the most dominant colour scheme in your home. If you are looking to update the outdoor furniture, keep it similar to the colouring of your living area. It will not only help you make a decision on what to pick but in the long run will help make your outdoor area and home feel connected which is important when we tend to want to have a year-round indoor-outdoor living and using the backyard can double or triple your space. 

If you have a patch of land that looks a bit sad or if you have ever thought about adding tiling to your backyard. Do it. Adding a geometric titling to any space lets the flooring do all the design work for you and instantly impresses. 


  1. Give your backyard some love

Do your own DIY landscaping. De-weed areas that have grown out of control and start planting fresh plantings. Add some vibrant flowers in areas lacking colour. Using creative and colourful plant pots are another good way to not only bring some new life and colour but are also easy to maintain.  

A great option could be to plant a vegetable garden in an under-utilised space or fence. A vegetable garden brings a boring wooden fence to life and provides an eye catching, practical feature to any backyard. Using modern or bold potted plants can be effortlessly chic and very rewarding.   

If you have a naked space that needs something to add some privacy or fill in an awkward gap, native wild grasses are the way to go. They can add height, texture and are super easy to maintain. A modern and easy solution to help the flow of any backyard and ensures the backyard looks tidy without doing anything.  

  1. Give your backyard an upgrade 

If you have the space for it add a Hammock. There’s nothing quite like it. It is a perfect place to enjoy the warm weather and feel fully relaxed. Great for napping or burying your head in a book and escaping the world. Hammocks can provide a stylish design feature for your backyard attracting the attention of all who come. 

Painting your fence an intense black instantly transforms your space into a private secluded escape. It helps with the overall flow of the yard ensuring a chic foundation to layer any piece of furniture or plantings next to or on. Limitless design possibilities can accumulate when a backyard fence is painted black.   

  1. Simple ways to add some magic

It’s time for some smaller ways to ensure your area is the perfect entertainment area. The key when it comes to creating a magical outdoor area is about creating an inviting ambience. An easy chic and classic way to achieve this is the addition of outdoor fairy lights or a cluster of flickering candles. If you want something a little bit less traditional, illuminating your space with paper lanterns are another decorative option. Placing battery powered candle lights inside to make your outdoor oasis really shine.

If your outdoor couches look a bit sad or faded go big with pillows. Big pillows can not only hide the marks or stains that inevitably come with the job description of an outdoor couch but with big flattering pillows they can turn any couch into an instant design staple.